Top 25 Must See Movies for Dog Lovers

#6 – The Shaggy Dog (2006)

The Shaggy Dog is a Disney favorite released back in 2006, so it is one of the newer favorites.

There was also another older adaptation released back in the 1950’s, but Disney gets credit for making this movie a family favorite. The character of this story line is transformed into a bearded collie in this newer remake of an older classic. If a comedy is what you are looking for, then The Shaggy Dog is sure to satisfy your need for laughter. Even at the end of the movie, you will laugh as you realize that his canine abilities and actions are still slightly remnant.

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After all, he is still able to, as a human, catch a Frisbee with his teeth in the final scene of the movie. This one will have you laughing from start to finish- with no Kleenex necessary.

#7 – 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Some people just really love the classic animated Disney movies, and one family favorite about dogs is 101 Dalmatians.

In this funny comedy that takes you through a twisting turn of events, you will fall in love with the Dalmatian breed. With a brutal villain, Cruella de Vil, this movie will keep you on your toes. It keeps you wanting to know just how the Dalmatians are going to save themselves from this villain that wants nothing more but to skin them and make them into fur coats. This is one of those movies that is great for children and adults of all ages, and it is here to stay.

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There have even been live action versions of this Disney classic released, and those are equally as entertaining. If your family has not seen this classic, it is time to change that!

#8 – Turner & Hooch (1989)

A dramatic comedy, Turner & Hooch stars Beasley the dog alongside Tom Hanks.

Most people associate Tom Hanks with comedy and dramas, but you might not have ever envisioned him as a dog person. The truth is he wasn’t always a dog person. He took in a dog that belonged to a victim, and he became part of the police force that helped to solve the mystery of his owner’s death. He really only took the dog because he was a witness to the murder case, and later realized that it may have been a mistake. He started tearing his house upside down, and even destroyed his car! Even though he was so mischievous, Turner fell in love with the dog and decided to make him his own.

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This one is sure to keep you laughing, while still putting you on the edge of your seat at times.

#9 – Lady & The Tramp (1955)

Lady & The Tramp is yet another Disney classic that we all remember from our childhood.

It is a childhood timeless classic that won’t go out of date any time soon. It is a romantic musical comedy that hit theaters back in 1955. Lady begins her life as a happy dog with a sense of entitlement, and she later finds herself on the wrong side of town and runs into a dog who has been nicknamed ‘the Tramp’. This movie helps you to see that you should always look for the good in someone, as Lady found the good in the Tramp and they later fell in love by the end of the movie. They ended up having three daughters that looked just like Lady, and starting up a family of their own.

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This is a fun loving movie for all ages- adults and children alike.

#10 – Hotel for Dogs (2009)

If you prefer the newer Disney films, then Hotel for Dogs is a fun one for the entire family.

Imagine kids that take on the task of providing a home for all of the homeless dogs in the area. It starts out as a service for the homeless dogs, and through a wild imagination and uncanny creativity, it turns into something fantastic. If you want to teach your kids a little something about doing things that are worthwhile, then you will want them to see this movie. Sure, it has your typical kids getting into trouble behavior, but the moral of the story is what is important. What you will learn from this is that kids can make a difference, but you just have to make sure that you go about it the right way.

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Children are going to especially love this movie, because it is filled with all sorts of high tech gadgets and a lot of creativity and spunk.

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