Top 25 Must See Movies for Dog Lovers

#11 – A Dog Named Christmas (2009)

A Dog Named Christmas is a television film that aired back in 2009 on CBS.

It is based on a best-selling book, and it is the tale of a young man that has a learning disability and his dog that he adopts. This story really helps you to see more about shelter life, and the importance of adopting a dog from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder. Todd, the main character in this film, was focused on making sure that all of the dogs in the shelter find homes. He was drawn in by one dog in particular, and while his dad was reluctant to support his efforts in the local community, he does come around eventually.

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This story will warm your heart, to say the very least. It is a movie for everyone in the family.

#12 – All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

In All Dogs Go to Heaven, a 1989 animated film, Charlie, the star of the show, is murdered and he decides to let his place in heaven go so that he can look for his best friend.

He wanted to teach them the right way to live, with honesty and integrity, so that they could also be with him in heaven. This story is all about unconditional love, and it shows that no matter how bad things may seem, people can always change for the better. This is a heartwarming story that your entire family is sure to enjoy. Aside from teaching important life lessons, it has funny happenings all throughout the movie that are sure to keep you laughing.

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Most people that really love dogs will enjoy this movie, no matter their age! Don’t let the animation fool you.

#13 – Bolt (2008)

Bolt was released in 2008, and it is a computer animated comedy that is geared more toward the younger generation of kids.

It is produced by Disney. The plot of this movie is centered around a dog that has spent his life on the big screen, and he thinks that he has super powers because of it. When he thinks that Penny, his human, has been taken he goes across the country to save her. This is a newer Disney Animation Studios has since put out many more animated movies that use computer animations, and Bolt was just the beginning of it. If you like action and adventure, with a whole lot of laughter thrown in the mix, then you definitely want to watch Bolt. It makes a great movie for family movie nights on the couch!

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It is definitely worth your while, and you will see just how much Disney has improved their animation over the years.

#14 – Bingo (1991)

This is yet another fun loving story of a dog and a child, and their bond with one another.

Bingo is a circus dog that runs away and saves a young boy named Chuckie. This boy is having a really hard time fitting in with his friends. The two of them start to spend a lot of time together, and ultimately become best friends. They enjoy skateboarding, doing homework and playing arcade games together. Chuckie’s parents soon find that Bingo has been stowed away, and ultimately tell Chuckie that he has to go. This movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster, having you wanting to cry one moment and laughing the next.

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It is an incredible adventure that goes to show that you can’t keep two best friends apart no matter how hard you try.

#15 – Because of Winn Dixie (2005)

Because of Winn Dixie is another film that was adapted from a novel.

It is a story of a dog that is found in the Winn Dixie supermarket. He is big, burly and ugly, and in need of attention. This dog is named for the supermarket that he was found inside of. This is more of a dramatic tale rather than a comedy, and is sure to have you falling in love with Winn Dixie. There are, however, some funny parts in this movie, as well as some more serious parts. The moral of the story isn’t limited to a single lesson, but rather many lessons. You learn more about forgiveness, loyalty, and friendships in this heartwarming tale of a dog and his best friend.

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It even hints on adult topics like alcohol addiction, and the effects it can have on those around you. This is a great movie for everyone, even the kids!

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