Firefighters come to the rescue of dog trapped in air vent

Sometimes dogs get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky places and need a little help getting out—but not even the fire department had ever seen something like this.

Two dogs were left home alone in Orlando, Florida when their owners went away, News 6 reported. Pet sitters were hired to check in on the dogs, and on the second visit of the day a sitter noticed that one of the dogs, Hope, was suddenly missing.

They heard the faint barking of the old dog coming from somewhere in the home… and discovered that Hope was trapped inside the air vent!

Hope had fallen through a grate and was trapped five feet bellow. It wasn’t clear how long she had been stuck down there.

The fire department was called in to rescue the dog. Firefighter Jimmy Reyes arrived on the scene, and had to reassure the panicked dog that she was going to be okay.

The firefighters then had to make precise cuts to the vent to free the dog without any harm. “We just took a utility knife to the duct work and kind of just cut in pieces and made sure we weren’t cutting the dog,” Reyes told News 6.

Luckily, the rescue was a success. Hope was soon freed, and the grateful dog thanked the firefighters.

“She is currently relaxing sipping on her water with Firefighter Reyes,” the Orlando Fire Department reported.

“Thanks for saving this sweet girl.”

We’re so glad Hope is safe and sound! Thank you to these firefighters for saving the day! Share this great news!

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