Old shelter dog falls asleep in new owner’s arms when he finds out he’s getting adopted

Rescuing a dog from an animal shelter is always a wonderful thing to do. But it’s even better when you take in an old dog.

Senior dogs are statistically less likely to get adopted, since many families come in looking for a puppy—and not being able to find a home can be a problem, since dogs who are in shelters for a long time are at risk of being euthanized.


Luckily, some people are willing to open their hearts and give a long-overdue home to these lonely dogs… Like one man, whose new rescue dog had the best reaction to finally being adopted.

The Pennsylvania SPCA in Danville had a visitor last month with a surprising request. It was an older gentleman who asked about adopting an “old dog in need of a home.”

They knew just the right candidate: a 13-year-old dachshund mix named Jack. Jack was not only up there in age but suffering from a number of health issues: dental disease, a heart murmur, and some lumps.

Many people wouldn’t have any interest in taking in the dog—who would want the responsibility of caring for him with all those medical problems?

It turns out, this man had no problem with that: “He’s perfect, I’ll take him,” the man told the SPCA, asking for a good vet recommendation.

The two formed an instant bond. The little dog was so happy to finally have a new home that, in a precious moment captured in a photo, he buried his head in his new owner’s lap and fell asleep.

“Jack curled up on his lap and caught a nap while they both patiently waited for the paperwork to be processed,” the SPCA wrote on Facebook.

It was a beautiful sight, one that also serves as a reminder of the love old dogs have to give and the real difference someone can make in their lives.

“This is what animal welfare is all about,” the SPCA wrote. “Falling in love, giving second chances to those who need it most, and finding the heroes in humanity.”

“Happy tails Jack! We couldn’t be happier for you!”

Thank you to this man for giving this old dog a new start!

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