10 Most Expensive Dogs You Won’t Believe Exist

English Bulldog

Source: Interesting Facts/Youtube

Everyone likes Bulldogs, right? These dogs are quite popular in films and usually something comical about their look or the way they waddle.

But that is what makes them incredibly popular and desire, and celebrities love them. These dogs are as sweet and harmless as they look.

They are notorious for their snorting, snuffling, wheezing and grunting sounds, slobbering and drooling, and also flatulence.

That’s why they need only moderate exercise and they spend most of their time snoring on a comfortable couch.

The price of owning one of these adorable critters from a small-scale breeder is between one thousand five hundred dollars ($1500 USD) and four thousand dollars ($4000 USD).

And you should aware of anyone trying to sell one lower than fifteen hundred dollars ($1500 USD). These are expensive dogs to breed for a variety of reasons.

But it turns out that the price of owning one is probably going to be much more due to these dogs' poor health and high vet costs (and pet insurance costs). Think carefully before owning this one.

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