10 Most Expensive Dogs You Won’t Believe Exist

Löwchen Dog

Source: Interesting Facts/Youtube

This breed is also known as the ‘little lion dog' and they aren’t just considered companions but also status symbols as well.

It’s considered a toy dog and also a non-sporting dog unless, of course, they are sporting around with their owners.

They are a small long-haired dog that has been recognized as a breed since the early Renaissance period.

And the breed is traceable as far back as 1442. These dogs are featured in many period paintings because of their popularity with noblemen.

But by the end of the 19th century, they were virtually extinct. And by 1973, there were only 65 registered examples of the breed.

Because of this, they have been called the rarest dog in the world. And there are less than 100 registrations per year worldwide.

Aside from being very rare, the Löwchen does not shed and causes very low allergic reactions to their owners. This makes them even more valuable.

They got their lion dog name from a traditional presentation haircut, but the mysterious thing is that no one knows who invented it.

So, do all these things make it an expensive dog? If you want one from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay three thousand dollars ($3000 USD) which was the price in 2017.

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