10 Most Expensive Dogs You Won’t Believe Exist

Tibetan Mastiff

Source: Interesting Facts/Youtube

When it comes to the most expensive dog breed in the world, it seems that the title would go to this dog.

Of course, this depends on whether or not it’s a pure Tibetan Mastiff because they are apparently as rare as the panda bear.

In 2011, a red Tibetan Mastiff named Big Splash sold for 1.5 million dollars ($1,500,000 USD).

And in 2015, a Chinese businessman bought two Tibetan Mastiffs as luxury pets with one of the golden-haired puppies costing 1.9 million dollars ($1,900,000 USD).

Owning this dog is a big status symbol thing and they are fiercely loyal and protective.

Current prices can be anywhere from one thousand dollars ($1000 USD) to four thousand dollars ($4000 USD), and top real line puppies can cost seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7500 USD) or more.

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