10 Most Expensive Dogs You Won’t Believe Exist

Pharaoh Hound

Source: Interesting Facts/Youtube

As the name of this dog implies, this dog looks as though it could have jumped from ancient Egypt hieroglyphics.

It was once thought this breed extinct for centuries until these dogs were discovered by seagoing Phoenicians on the island of Malta.

The isolation of Malta allowed the animal to breed true for thousands of years. It is now the national dog of Malta and is known as the ‘Kelb-Tal Fenek'.

By the way, it’s quite common for people to confuse the Pharaoh with the Ibizan Hound. But you can tell a Pharaoh Hound apart because they are smaller and they can have no more than a bit of white on their toes, chest, forehead, or the tip of their tail.

When these dogs are happy, their noses turn a rosy pink. There’s a price for all that beauty, and the average cost is around six thousand five hundred dollars ($6500 USD).

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