Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Most dog owners don’t think of their dog as a pet but rather as a member of their family. In fact, for many people, a dog can often be their best friend.

That’s why we thinks it’s important to share our list of people foods that you should never give him. In fact, if you’re already giving him any of these foods then stop immediately, because they may well be poisonous for him, and even hurt or kill him.

Pay attention to the items on this list and share it with other dog lovers.The last thing anyone wants to do is hurt their canine companion, and some of the facts below are quite shocking…

1. Coffee, Tea and Caffeine

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You’ve probably heard about how bad it can be if your dog drinks alcohol, but caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea are no good for him either.

These drinks are full of methylxanthines, which can trigger a whole range of symptoms in your pet including fast panting, hyperactivity, seizures, tremors and even death.

The severity of caffeine toxicity depends on how much your dog has ingested, how strong it the drink is, and how large your dog is (smaller dogs will suffer even more). So if your dog displays any of these symptoms, call a vet immediately.

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